Sight Word Activity Worksheets
Sight Word Activity()

Sight Word Activity

Why not use this printable to evaluate your kiddos on the sight words Why Why not use this printable to evaluate your students on sight words applicable to grade 3's? This is a free reproducible and is a great way to test your students on high frequency words.

___________ you don’t stop I will tell your dad.
I am _______________ cleaning up the kitchen table.
Do you _________________ your car or is it leased?
Her feet are very _______________ compared to mine.
You will _________________ if you sit on the window ledge.
How __________________ taller is he than Richard?
There are ________________ players on a volleyball team.
______________ me how much work you have completed?
Sammy is going to __________________on his new coat.
___________________ o’clock is a good bedtime for grade two’s.

Words to use in the sentences
if six much try show fall done
eight small own

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