Sight word Activity Worksheets
Sight word Activity()

Sight word Activity

Use this printable to teach your gr 3's their sight words. You can also use it as evaluation if you have already worked through this unit with them.

Fill in the blanks with the correct word from below.
They went to the parade ___________________ on Monday.
Can you_____________________ that box of books to the library?
Will you be back home by ___________________ o’clock?
My daughter can ___________________ landscapes well.
The recycle bin is ____________________ of empty bottles.
Turn off the ____________________ before you go to sleep.
That young boy __________________ his finger on the saw.
Did you ____________ your gym clothes to school?
I want to make the pancakes all by ___________________ .
The pot is very ____________________ and may burn you.

full light cut eight myself bring
carry hot draw together

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