Sight Word Activity Worksheets
Sight Word Activity()

Sight Word Activity

Learning sight words will improve you student's reading ability immensely. Use this freebie to teach the meaning of the sight words given.

Did Molly ask if she could _____________ your pencil?
Do you want to ________________ in the tent tonight?
Finish your _________________ then you may go outside.
_______________ that funny book to your little brother.
I ______________ we could take the train there.
Michael ________________ a lovely card for his mom.
Did you ________________ a letter to your friend yet?
Eat your meat _______________there will be no dessert.
She is away __________________ she is sick today.
_________________ eat your sandwich then you may go.

Fit these words in the sentences.
write made use read because wish
first work or sleep

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