Sight Word Activity Worksheets
Sight Word Activity()

Sight Word Activity

The number of words your students will retain will increase if you teach them sight words and practice them often. Use this teachable for your gr 2 lesson on dolch words.

Betty ________________ us some yummy ice cream.
_______________ boys are being very mean to me.
Play quietly while I put the baby to _________________.
My teacher says we have to __________________ every night.
Mother went to __________________ some milk and bread.
________________ baby birds were found in that nest.
My dad would really like to buy a _________________ car.
________________ are you always fighting with your sister?
Grandma is taking __________________ to see the new movie.
The car blew _____________ tire on the highway.

Sight words to complete the sentences with.
sleep five why read fast those
buy gave us its

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