Sight Word Activity Worksheets
Sight Word Activity()

Sight Word Activity

Presented on this sheet are 2nd graders sight words. Use as evaluation after they have learned the words. Complete the sentences with the correct sight word.

She __________ a great birthday cake for him.
The best _______________ gift was my baseball glove.
Why ________________ don’t you go and call on your friend?
Please _______________ your mother before you leave.
Chris wants to ________________ your shovel to dig a hole.
_______________ cherries are way too sour for me.
Grace has never ________________ to the movies before.
Colin always wants to be ________________in line.
She __________________ her doll behind the orange chair.
_________________ forget to buy Ricky his present.

Sight words to use:don’t call first best found use
these been made why

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