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Frayer Model Definition

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Frayer Model Definition

What is the Frayer Model?
The Frayer model is a graphic organizer that was developed by Frayer, D., Frederic in 1969.
The Frayer model is a 4 square template that supports the thinking and describing words or
The Frayer model is also like a word map.
The 4 squares help to clarify what the concept/word is and what it isn’t.
There are 4 components to the Frayer Model: Definition, Characteristics, Example and
Non Examples. (Over the years, this model has been revised and extended to enhance learning and understanding.)
Although developed for vocabulary, the model can also be used for concepts. (E.g., habitats, reptiles, urban and rural, fractions, hydrologic cycle…)

How is the Frayer Model Used?
The Frayer model is used to identify and define unfamiliar words or concepts and describe
characteristics along with clarifying what the concept/term is and isn’t.
The Frayer model can be used in most learning concepts and in a variety of subject areas.
The Frayer model can be used with the whole class or groups of students or individually.
Review the Frayer model with students and provide a few examples before assigning students to do one on their own.
When beginning a unit, use the Frayer model on chart paper, refer to it often as you progress through the unit.
The Frayer model can be used with younger users by using pictures.

Why is the Frayer Model Used?
Graphic organizers assist students to organize their thinking. Graphic organizers are evidenced based strategies that lead to enhanced learning.
The Frayer model supports higher level thinking.
The use of the Frayer model also serves as a vehicle to summarize using a graphic organizer.

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