What Are Adverbs? Worksheets
What Are Adverbs?()

What Are Adverbs?

Posters are great reminders to hang around your classroom. This one is free to print and it is suggested that it be laminated to last longer.
A word that answers when, where, how, how often.
Adverbs are describing words, they describe
actions or how something was done. (quickly, sadly, quietly, patiently)
Adverbs describe verbs, adjectives or other
Many Adverbs end in ly like very, happily,
loudly, slowly, neatly, carefully, quietly.
Adverbs describe when, or where something happens (later, now, sometimes, today,
tomorrow, everywhere, outside, down
stairs, next door.)
Adverbs answer questions about time,
frequency (temporarily, regularly, for ages, everyday, never, usually.)

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