Semicolon Worksheet Worksheets
Semicolon Worksheet()

Semicolon Worksheet

4th and 5th grade or ESL worksheets for grammar. Examples of the semicolon use:
I love soda; however, soda gives me heartburn.
I have relatives in Chicago, Illinois; Toronto, Ontario; Paris,
France; and Dallas, Texas.
Pasta is the best meal ever; it sure is my favorite!
I take vitamins; I take them daily.
My sister is 13; I am 11.
We have bunk beds; I sleep on the top bunk.
I ate all of my supper; therefore, I should get a treat!
My friend doesn?t approve of me drinking soda; but, I don?t care what my friend thinks about what I drink.
I read the book in one evening; it wasn?t very good.
I did not finish reading the book; instead, I watched TV.

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