Inquiry for Rocks Identification Worksheets
Inquiry for Rocks Identification()

Inquiry for Rocks Identification

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Inquiry for Rocks Identification

Gather rocks, nails, and screws etc to scratch the rock with. Using the descriptions below they will try and figure out what type of rock it is.

Igneous:smaller holes in the rocks (vesicules), grains through the rocks, heavier, often darker colors, (Rocks similar to: stone and sandstone)

Sedimentary: has fossils sometimes, lighter in weight than igneous, lighter colors, grains are together/interlocking, presence of fossils (Rocks similar to: limestone, sandstone,shale, chalk)

Metamorphic: larger grains, a layering look, presence of crystals, layers or bands (foliated) or random grains (non-foliated) (Rocks similar to: gneiss and slate.

Using a rock journal, use the description above to help you
identify what type of rocks you have.

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