Rocks and Mineral Review Worksheets
Rocks and Mineral Review()

Rocks and Mineral Review

Rocks and Mineral Review For Google Apps

Rocks and Mineral Review

Use these to review your rocks and mineral unit with your third grade kids. It can be used as an evaluation sheet as well.

1.Do you think the pressure would be greater or less toward the center of the earth?Explain your answer.
2) Explain how sediment occurs.
3) Weathering causes rock to break down. Give two weathering examples.
4) Explain how wind erosion (weathering) impacts rocks.
5) Which type of rock do you think is the most important? Explain your answer.
6) Explain the properties that help you to identify rocks.
7) Would you find fossils in igneous rocks? Why or why not?
8) Over time, all rocks can change from one form to another. Explain how this is possible.
9) Explain how you could become a good rock detective.
10) Explain the relationship between rocks and minerals.
11) Why would minerals be mined for?
12) What does lava from Volcanoes have to do with the rock process? Explain.
13) What does magma have to do with the formation of rocks?
14) Heat at the center of the earth is called thermal energy. What does this type of
heat have to do with the rock cycle?
15) All living things move. Rocks aren’t living but they move. Explain this.
16) If you were responsible for building a famous statue or monument, explain what type of rock you would use to stand up to our weather elements. Provide your reasons.
17) Explain the difference between intrusive and extrusive rocks.
18) Make a list of all of the words related to rocks and minerals and the rock cycle.
19) Explain why the rock cycle takes place over millions of years.
20) What are all the events that can change rocks?2) Explain how sediment occurs.

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