Rock and Mineral Vocab Worksheets
Rock and Mineral Vocab()

Rock and Mineral Vocab

Rock and Mineral Vocab For Google Apps

Rock and Mineral Vocab

This sheet would make a great test for your students. It is all about rock and mineral terms. Choose the correct term from below to answer the questions.
1.The center of earth.
2. Solids made of minerals and rock pieces.
3. Opening in the earth's crust.
4. Formed when bits rock and sediment build up over time.
5. Building blocks of rocks.
6. Rocks changed by heat and/or pressure.
7. Hot, liquid rock below the earth's surface.
8. The outer layer of earth.
9. Grain of a mineral with a smooth side.
10. Rocks that are formed when magma cools and hardens.
11. Magma that has erupted on the earth's surface.
12. Found in rocks, imprint of animal or plant from long ago.

A. magma B. sedimentary rocks C. minerals
D. inner core E. igneous rocks F. fossil
G. lava H. crystal I. rock
J. metamorphic rocks K. volcano L. crust

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