Inquiry for Rock Crystals Worksheets
Inquiry for Rock Crystals()

Inquiry for Rock Crystals

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Inquiry for Rock Crystals

This is a great lab for learning about rock crystals. Students will have fun wondering if they can create crystals. You will need:
. A beaker or container
• A measuring cup
• 1/2 cup of really hot water
• 1/2 cup of Epsom salts
• Optional: food coloring

Predict what you think will happen with this mixture over time.
2. Mix the hot water and the Epsom salts. (add a few drops of food coloring)
3. Put the mixture into the refrigerator.
4. Check on the mixture every few hours.
5. (Pour off remaining mixture once you have results)

Provide 3 statements about what you learned from doing the inquiry.

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