Recount Writing Prompts Worksheets
Recount Writing Prompts()

Recount Writing Prompts

Here are many recount writing prompts.
Pretend you are a police officer and you are writing up a recount of an event you
witnessed. (accident, robbery, break and enter…)
Write about your most embarrassing time.
Write about your funniest event.
Write about your favorite birthday.
Provide a recount of your favorite movie.
Provide a recount of a sporting or other event you watched.
Write about a time that you did something special with your family.
Write about a time that you did something special with your friends.
Write about a time that you excelled/did something really well.
Write about the day in the life of……
Write about your pet—from the time you got him until now.
Write a recount about getting lost—imaginative or real.
Write a recount about meeting somebody interesting.
Write about your weekend highlights.
Watch a You Tube video about something and write a recount about it.
Write about the most difficult choice you ever had to make.
Write about the most frightening moment you have ever experienced.
Write about the strangestest thing that ever happened to you.
Write a recount on somebody’s achievements—a hero or athlete.
Write a recount about your proudest moment.
Write about a time you were completely surprised.
Write about your favorite memory.
Write about an unbelievable event you witnessed, true or imaginative.

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