Possessive Pronoun Worksheet Worksheets
Possessive Pronoun Worksheet()

Possessive Pronoun Worksheet

Select the correct personal pronoun. Print the worksheet to see the answers on the second page.

The dog wagged _______________ tail to show how happy he was.
its, it’s, its’
The book is _____________________ but you’re welcome to read it.
mine, yours, my
Please return ___________________ phone at once!
my, mine, its
___________________ bike is so dirty I can’t tell what color it is!
your, mine, its, my
When the dog saw the skunk, it stopped in _________________ tracks.
it’s, him, its, its’
Your bike is a lot faster than _______________________.
my, it, mine, its
Your house is much bigger than _____________________ is.
theres, ours, them, they
I looked everywhere for my keys but I could only find __________________.
your, yours, them
I saw her dog at ______________________ house.
yourself, yours, your, you’re
I never found out ___________________ wallet that was.
who’s, whose, who
____________________ dog is always so friendly.
there, they’re their
______ ________________ book is on my desk?
who’s, whos, whose
My sister gets along well with _____________________.
you’re, you, yours
________________bullying of him was not acceptable.
there, them, their

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