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Opinion Writing Checklist()

Opinion Writing Checklist

Opinion Writing Checklist For Google Apps

Opinion Writing Checklist

An opinion writing checklist to help 3rd and 4th graders understand how to write in the opinion format. These opinion writing teaching activities are in google apps for the google classroom. Also a great at home learning unit.
How to write an opinion. Here is how you write your opinion.
Opinion writing poster for the classroom.
Opinion writing is writing with a point of view. The point of view is backed up with reasons and information.
Did you have a clearly stated opinion and/or a claim?
Did you introduce your opinion with a strong awareness of the reader?
Did you provide one or two sentences to show an opponents view?
Did you provide 3 brief reasons for your opinion?
Did you have a paragraph for each of your 3 reasons for your opinion?
Is each reason re-stated at the beginning of each paragraph?
Did you back up each reason with facts and/or information about your
Did you include closing remarks at the end of each paragraph?
The body includes strong arguments for your point of view/opinion.
Did you re-state your position/opinion?
Did you leave the reader thinking of action that should be taken?
Did you summarize the key points?

Did your opinion writing sound convincing enough to change the mind of somebody that may not agree with you?
Did you use opinions that were backed with information, facts and logic?
Did you address what may be wrong with the opponent’s view?
Did you really made your readers think?
Did you touch the hearts/emotions of your readers in some way?

Examples: Letters to the editor, magazine articles, book reviews, some advertising,
Some newspaper columns, literature responses.

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