Living and Non Living Match Worksheets
Living and Non Living Match()

Living and Non Living Match

Look at each sentence for living and non living and provide the correct word.
1. This is an example of a non living moving thing.
2. We drink this and all animals and plants need it.
3. Some non living things are man made, some are...
4. Living and some non living things can do this.
5. This is an example of a living thing.
6. Plants need the light from the ________ to grow.
7. Things are non living or...
8. All animals and plants need this. We breathe it.
9. Plants don't need shelter but they need this.
10. Living things make this.
11. Living things grow and.....
12. Living things do this but non living things do not.
13. We live here and all animals need this too.
14. Plants and animals need this, we eat it.

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