List of Adjectives Worksheets
List of Adjectives()

List of Adjectives

Here is a list of adjectives from a to z. Keep close because it is a great resource to have when writing.
Adjectives that start with A: afraid, agreeable
amused, ancient, angry, annoyed, anxious, arrogant, ashamed, average, awful.
Adjectives that start with B: bad, beautiful, better, big, bitter, black, blue, boiling, rave, breezy, brief, bright, broad, broken, bumpy.
Adjectives that start with C: calm, charming, cheerful, chilly, clumsy, cold, colossal, combative, comfortable, confused, cooing, cool, cooperative, courageous.
Adjectives that start with d: damp, dangerous, deafening, deep, defeated, defiant, delicious, delightful, depressed, determined, dirty, disgusted, disturbed, dizzy, dry, dull, dusty.
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