Feelings Mime, Freeze or Role Play Worksheets
Feelings Mime, Freeze or Role Play()

Feelings Mime, Freeze or Role Play

Act out the following for showing how you feel when:

Everyone just showed up for a surprise birthday for you.
Your friend just made a mean face at you.
You lost your wallet.
You just won a race.
Your teacher just told you how proud of you she is.
Your mother just baked you a batch of your favorite cookies.
Your best friend won?t talk to you.
You just got a new pet.
Your bike tire brakes stopped working half way down the hill.
Your friend is being bullied by somebody you?re afraid of.
You didn?t do very well on a test.
You lost a bet with your friend.
Your pet you?ve had all your life died.
Your phone stopped working just as you were about to use it.
You just finished watching a movie that had a sad ending.
You got a new bike that you?ve wanted for a long time.
You saw a friend take something belonging to another friend.
Your sister just tripped you.
You accidentally broke a window.
You just found out you have to change schools.
You just found out you?re going on a great holiday.
A bee just stung you.

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