Feelings Activity Ideas Worksheets
Feelings Activity Ideas()

Feelings Activity Ideas

Teacher ideas and lessons for teaching about feelings.
Have students go through newspapers and magazines to find various faces to create a feelings collage. (cut and paste)
Each day have 3 individuals begin the day with one positive feeling or
happening. (Today I?m looking forward to playing with____, last night my mom took us to the park?)
Keep a gratitude jar in the classroom. At any time have students put in a slip to acknowledge something they?re grateful for. Have a celebration when there are 100 or 200 gratitude notes.
For journal entries, once a week have students write 2 positive events that happened through the week or write about what they?re grateful for.
When you read a story, stop to ask students how the character must be feeling and why.
Have a jar full of the feeling words. When you pull a feeling word out of the jar, students have to tell or write about a time when they were feeling: brave, gracious, grateful, stubborn, worried, silly, relieved, confused, shy, curious, bored, important, jealous, relieved etc.
Divide all the feeling words into positive and negative feelings.
Brainstorm all the reasons it is important to turn negative feelings around.
Discuss the quote ?A bad attitude is like a flat tire, it doesn?t get you anywhere?.
Guess the feeling/emotion?a child demonstrates a feeling with facial expressions and body language, students try to guess the feeling (frustrated, loving, perplexed etc.) the child who guesses demonstrates the next feeling.
Play Simon Says using feeling words: Simon says ?Look Happy?, Simon says ?Look Frustrated, Simon says ?Look Proud, ?Look Bored??.
Discuss the following statement: Anger is a reaction feeling. Can you have anger for no reason? Think about the times you?ve been angry, what action caused your anger?
Thoughts will often cause reactions, discuss this.
Why is point of view important to understanding the feelings of others?
Discuss how our feelings/emotions affect our behaviors.
Discuss how feelings/emotions affect friendships.

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