Paragraphs Requiring Commas Worksheets
Paragraphs Requiring Commas()

Paragraphs Requiring Commas

Read the paragraph and determine where the comma should go. The comma is a punctuation mark that helps to separate things. Commas separate thoughts, ideas or items in lists. When students read regularly, their use of commas usually improves. However, it's always helpful to provide students with comma worksheets to determine their achievement on the use of commas. Students should be able to use the comma correctly once they have an understanding of basic sentence structure. The comma is an important punctuation mark but often gets mis-used and abused. Sometimes and intutitive sense is needed when using the comma. Feel free to photocopy the comma worksheets and use with individual students, groups of students or with the whole class. Be sure to print a copy of the comma rules to help students better understand the use of the comma.

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