A Comma Rule Poster Worksheets
A Comma Rule Poster()

A Comma Rule Poster

How to use the comma. The comma will put a pause in your sentence: If you would finish eating your lunch, we could play
outside. The comma separates a list of at least three items: I like to play with Jan, Jill, Joe and Brad. When using quotations either at the beginning or the end:

Joe said, ''Are you coming to the movie later?'' ''Come to the movies,'' said Joe. The comma allows you to combine 2 ideas into a single sentence. (Subordinate/Dependent Clause) While I work on my homework, my friend will play the piano. Use a comma after introductory words or phrases.

Well, I see you finally finished your homework!

Use a comma to show the relation between a word and a noun phrase that follows. (Apposition) My teacher, Mr. Clark, is a great singer!
Keep this comma tip sheet handy to help you remember when and how to use a comma. Complete the comma worksheets to test your understanding of comma use.

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