Colon or Semicolon Worksheets
Colon or Semicolon()

Colon or Semicolon

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Colon or Semicolon

Teach your students when to use a colon and a semicolon. Examples of the colon and the semicolon:

I missed the bus; however, my mom drove me to school.
I have a few chores; dusting, laundry, dishes and trash.
I have a bad headache; the baseball hit my head.
She wanted one thing: first prize.
I am leaving now; but, I will be back in an hour.
New carpets are in both rooms: the living room and the dining room.
Dave liked to talk; he often fibbed.
I like lots of vegetables: carrots, beans, broccoli, and onions.
I tasted the milkshake; it tasted sour.
I know the best way to learn to play the guitar: practice!
I knew you wouldn't agree with me; however, I know in time you will.
Call me tomorrow; you can explain it to me then.

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