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Colon Worksheet

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Colon Worksheet

Looking for a free resource on when to use a colon? Here are some examples of how a colon works:
1. I wish I had a job I'm a great worker and I need the money.

2. I never go to bed until 10 00 PM.

3. I have 3 hobbies I collect coins, I read, and I knit.

4. Glen doesn't have any friends he's always mean to them.

5. To Whom It May Concern

6. You will need the following back to school items pencils, erasers,
and markers.

7. The places I like to visit are as follows Italy, France and

8. There are three rules in my class raise your hand, don't speak
out, and stay on task.

9. I'm feeling really sick today I have a headache and I'm nausea.

10. I have three more phone calls to make my mom, my sister, and
my brother.

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