Classroom Management: Teaching Routines Worksheets
Classroom Management: Teaching Routines()

Classroom Management: Teaching Routines

Teach Rules and Routines:
Describe acceptable behaviors with words and actions. BE specific.
Don't just tell your students to use acceptable voices:
  • Describe the levels of noise for the various activities.

  • Ask students to demonstrate what voices are used during reading time, you should
    hear silence. Ask them to demonstrate what voices are use during group work,
    they should speak relatively quietly to their group members. Ask them who they
    should be talking to at group times.

  • When this role play is complete, ask the students to repeat the 3
    voice levels and when they are to be used.

  • Let the children practice expected behaviors throughout the

  • Focus the students who experience behavior difficulties to role play expected
    behaviors and have them tell you what the acceptable behaviors are in the various

  • Provide honest and ongoing feedback:
  • Always let your children know if they are behaving appropriately or if there is
    something they could be doing to improve their behavior.

  • Be specific when telling children what it is about how they're behaving.
    For instance, you may say that you really liked the way that they put everything
    away so quickly and quietly.

  • Give regular reminders and feedback, this will help to establish a great climate
    for learning.

  • What about the student who breaks the rules?
  • This student should not be embarrassed. If there are other students around, you
    will need to bring the student to a spot that is away from the other students.

  • Ask him/her why he/she thinks you've asked to speak with them. Usually they can
    tell you.

  • Ask them how they should have handled the situation and what they'll do next

  • Include them in the consequence that should happen. Sometimes they'll tell you
    that they should work alone or that they should give an apology.

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