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Biome Quiz

The roots and plants in this biome grow below the water. Wetland

This biome gets very little rainfall and is very sandy with some rock. Desert
A biome quiz, the answers to the quiz are on the second page or you can find them below.
In this biome, there are many types of trees that lose their leaves each autumn.
Deciduous Forest

This biome in Africa is warm all year and has shrubs and grass and a few trees.
Grasslands or Savanna

In this biome, the ground is frozen all year and there are no trees. Tundra

This large eco system has its own type of climate, trees, animals and soil. Biome

This biome is made up mainly of grasses. Grassland or Savanna

This biome is the largest, it is a forest of conifers and found in the northern hemisphere. Taiga

This biome gets lots of rain, it’s hot and humid and is near the equator. Tropical Rain Forest

In every biome, plants and animals make ______________________________ to survive in their environment. Adaptations.

There are more plant and animal species in this biome than any others. Tropical Rainforest

In this biome, some of the animals will hibernate for the winter. Deciduous Forest

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