Classify the Adverbs Worksheets
Classify the Adverbs()

Classify the Adverbs

How well do your students know their adverbs? Use this printable for grades 4-6. The following adverbs tell where, frequency, manner and how. Look at each of the adverbs and put them into the correct column on the adverb worksheet. Here is the list of adverbs: (answers are on the second page of the printable) seriously, regularly, always, tomorrow, briefly, overnight, upstairs, downstairs, nearby, exceptionally, far away, outside, anywhere, here, temporarily, all night, never, ever, annually, weekly, yesterday, today, fondly, quickly, happily, loudly, correctly, slowly, politely, daily, often, really, too, very, just, inside, completely, totally, quite, remarkably, faithfully, there

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