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Teacher Questions()

Teacher Questions

Discussion question for students working on the properties of solids, liquids and gases and states of matter. Use these questions to determine understanding.
Brainstorm the matter all around us.
What types of matter do we eat?
How does matter change?
How many foods are solid that can be liquid or liquids that can be solids?
Why do puddles dry up?
What happens when you breathe on a mirror? Why do you think this happens?
What does dissolve mean?
Can you tell me what things dissolve?
What does evaporation mean? Can you give me any examples of evaporation?
Changes in matter happen with freezing, melting, evaporation and condensation. Can you give me examples of these changes in matter?
What are the properties of solids?
What are the properties of gases?
What are the properties of liquids?
What types of matter can?t you see?
How does matter change from one state to another?
How does temperature affect matter?
How many liquids can you name that can turn into a solid?
Can you think of things that aren?t matter? (feelings, sound, thoughts, colors, shadows).

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